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Madden NFL 15: Madden Season – Let It Burn

Madden NFL has always inspired friendly competition among passionate fans. So to promote Madden NFL 15 – and to stay on top as America’s best-selling football game – EA SPORTS highlighted the fun of rivalries through a new campaign.

EA SPORTS launched “Madden Season” – a social-driven, integrated PR campaign built around the rivalries and bragging rights Madden NFL fans love. With original branded content, including a farcical music video with popular millennial celebrities engaged in an over-the-top rivalry, “Madden Season” captured players’ passion in the lead-up to the launch of Madden NFL 15.

Within 72 hours, the video amassed 14 million views, climbing above 20 million by the Aug. 26 launch of Madden NFL 15. On the heels of the video release, #MaddenSeason became the No. 2 trending topic on Twitter and No. 1 on Facebook.  And thanks in part to extensive media coverage, game sales spiked more than 12 percent year-over-year, and jumped 4 percent among young consumers. In fact, Madden NFL 15 became the second-largest selling video game in North America in 2014.